Asian Spa

The Company And The Founders

To step into the verdant 9000 square feet heaven that is asian woman spa is to be teleported to the mystical isle of Bali: the ornate stone sculptures of the Buddha and Ganesha set amidst tiny flickering candles and fountains hint at what lies in store at this exclusive gateway at koramangala. Established in July 2007, the spa is a lush sliver of south east asia, merging therapies and design influences from Bali , Malaysia, Singapore and India. It projects the multicultural etos of its managing director Kavita Thulasidas hometown Singapore. Kavita who runs the spa with her mother Huri Baxani says, "I have always been inspired by my culture and Asian background. Being Singaporean I wanted a melange of asian therapies that reflect my mixed upbringing, and have tried to create sanctuary where women can take a break from their stressful roles."